About dandelions

The humble dandelion flowers every month and every year throughout the world. This hardy plant is known for its healing properties, its nutritional value and the extraordinary ability of its taproots to continuously improve the quality of the soil. The dandelion propagates by releasing its seeds into the environment, so too, The Alison Principle aspires to spread and release seeds of sustainable wisdom, ideas and advice to benefit our own species and planet.

What we do

Director, Alison Drover, is independently recognised for her food consulting knowledge, exceptional menus and styling. She has an industry reputation in the area of food responsibility and is an active ambassador for food. The Alison Principle is a company with skills and expertise in food, health, sustainability, marketing, public relations, design, events, entertainment, catering and community relations.

We work with business leaders, marketers, sustainability managers, human resources managers, government, business owners, restaurants, chefs, schools, universities, hospitals, designers, product manufacturers, landscape architects, public relations companies, event managers, green groups, multi-nationals and the broader community.

Sustainable food consulting

Sustainable event design

Corporate and responsible events and marketing

Sustainability classes


Community and Corporate Gardens

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Case studies

  • Case Study

    Breakfast On The Bridge, Events NSW Crave Festival, October 2009

    The location – Sydney Harbour Bridge. The occasion – Breakfast on the Bridge, a celebration of Sydney's great outdoors, it's community spirit and its iconic Bridge. Over 10,000 square metres of lush, green grass replaced bitumen. Six thousand people enjoyed the opportunity to picnic, connect and converse. It was a surreal sight to behold – a patchwork of individually created picnics and award-winning regional produce nesting in a pocket of calm. The music of birds, the milking of cows, the hum of excited people and the presence of farmers and producers dominated one of Sydney's busiest thoroughfares replacing thick, noisy traffic with the peaceful ambience of satisfied picnic goers.

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  • Case Study

    Eveleigh Farmers' Market – Redfern Waterloo Authority

    The Alison Principle was employed as a food and marketing consultant by the Redfern Waterloo Authority for the launch of the Eveleigh Farmers' Market in 2008. We were directly involved in creating the website and publicity, creating the brand and launching the event. Alison's expertise in food consulting and her knowledge of local farmers and producers contributed to procuring leading NSW farmers and producers for which the market is awarded and loved.

    The Christmas launch event attracted over 6000 people. A fun, authentic marketing strategy created strong brand...

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  • Case Study

    The Australian Centre for Event Management 5th International Event Management Research Conference

    Working with the Marriott Hotel and Holiday Inn, The Alison Principle set a new benchmark by providing and implementing sustainable food strategies and catering ideas to a conference of event managers whose focus over the three–day event was 'Meeting the Challenge of Sustainable Development'. On site food preparation, use of seasonal produce and new relationships with local growers were achieved. Sustainability practices for lighting and entertainment were also assessed for future events.

  • Case Study

    Bush Tucker Picnic

    In partnership with the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney, The Alison Principle created a Bush Tucker Picnic for Slow Food Sydney. The event created awareness for and promoted the intrinsic values that indigenous food has in health and the environment.

    By strategically including the event in the Sydney International Food Festival, The Botanic Gardens' profile was lifted by benefiting from substantial marketing exposure. The event highlighted the importance of the work the Botanic Gardens achieves in conservation, preservation and education. The Alison Principle has established an event for the future that promotes and uses the gardens. It also provides an opportunity to create new partnerships aligned with sustainability and caring for the environment.

  • Case Study

    Evergreen – Park, Planet, Plate

    In 2008, The Alison Principle created 'Evergreen – Park, Planet, Plate' the first fundraising dinner for the Centennial Parklands Foundation. We sourced quality produce from local NSW farmers and producers and worked collaboratively with our partners. The event raised money for a recycled garden and education centre within the Centennial Parklands.

    Specifically, The Alison Principle worked with the marketing team at Centennial Parklands to recycle and transplant the theming props back into the land. The event speakers and producers were selected for their expertise and association with the Parklands, and they highlighted to sponsors and donors the importance of preservation, maintenance and continually reinventing the Parklands as a space for people to enjoy and use.

Food for the future

The food we purchase and create has an impact on climate change, planet biodiversity and on our health. We cannot take our food for granted. Our food system is changing. Population growth, climate change and high energy prices are having a worldwide impact on the availability and pricing of food. This is compounded by consumer issues such as genetically engineered foods, patenting, and the corporatisation of food. All of these factors will have consequences on our future food choices.

Sustainability – food for thought

Farmers and food

The 7 principles of sustainable food

For more information about Food for the Future, ensure you bookmark Alison's blog and visit it regularly.

Community projects

Corporate and social responsibility is fundamental to The Alison Principle. Each year we dedicate energy and expertise to assist
not-for-profit organisations to achieve some of their objectives.

Bush Tucker Picnic


A promotional event in partnership with the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney, to increase awareness of the value indigenous food has in health and the environment.

Slow Food Sydney

Royal Botanic Gardens

Evergreen - Park, Planet, Plate


A fundraising dinner for the Centennial Parklands Foundation that raised money for a recycled garden and education centre within the Centennial Parklands.

Evergreen – Park, Planet, Plate

Centennial Parklands

About Alison

Alison Drover lives her principles in the lush, green hinterland of Northern NSW where she grows here own food organically, has chickens and runs The Alison Principle. She has also recently launched 'Fork in the Field' a business that produces and promotes local organic and seasonal food products, hosts farm-to-fork cooking classes and growing your own food classes.

Alison is inspired by sustainability.

An ambassador for 'taste' and responsible eating, Alison is recognised for her food sustainability expertise and her creative collaborative strategies and sustainable design.

As a successful food writer and stylist Alison regularly contributes recipes and articles to several industry magazines including Sprout, a celebration of local food, producers and cuisine and a forum for community organisations, government agencies and industry groups to put forward their messages of sustainable food systems. She is a devoted advocate for a food economy that is 'good, clean and fair' and writes on issues relating to food culture, ethics and history.

Alison is also involved with a number of not-for-profit organisations; she was the co-convivum leader for Slow Food Sydney for four years, an international group which counteracts fast food and the disappearance of local food traditions. She currently assists the Northern Rivers Community Foundation with their events and marketing.


Here's what people are saying about The Alison Principle.

The Sustainable Warriors

Spice Magazine

AUG/SEP 2009

"It's about developing
win-win solutions for communities and the environment."

Download PDF (304kb)

Australian Events Do It Greener

Spice Magazine

AUG/SEP 2009

"Event managers need to ask themselves 'What is our role and opportunity in a carbon constrained world?'"

Download PDF (492kb)

Events That Keep On Giving

Spice Magazine

AUG/SEP 2009

"I think the events industry will be determined by how they respond to the need to change."

Download PDF (628kb)


Alison's food creativity and commitment to ethical, sustainable events is a breath of fresh air and it's always a pleasure to collaborate with her.

Joanna Savill

Festival Director
The Sydney International Food Festival

"We met Alison as a result of our involvement in the inaugural Breakfast on the Bridge promotion in 2009.

Alison's passion and appreciation for promoting 'real' local produce was greatly appreciated. Her ongoing commitment to finding and recognising producers who appreciate sustainability and authenticity ensures a positive result for not only the growers, but consumers as well. We would have no hesitation in recommending Alison to any potential clients."

Nicki and Dave Penn

Cuttaway Creek Raspberry Farm

Alison takes a wholistic approach to her work, understanding the importance of getting under the skin of her client or project. This is the reason she gets the results you want.

Belinda Franks

Belinda Franks Catering

After knowing Alison for a number of years and working with her on a number of events, I have found her dedication to ethical food production faultless. Her energy and passion shine through a creative and seemingly endless bank of ideas which she always follows through. I hope to continue working with Alison well into the future.

Jared Ingersoll

Chef, Owner
Danks Street Depot

The Alison Principle was our chosen partner for our global conference 'Meeting the Challenge of Sustainable Development'. Alison worked with our partners (the Marriott Hotel and Holiday Inn, Surfers Paradise) to create a low carbon footprint by adopting sustainable menus for the duration of the conference. Alison went to extraordinary lengths to work with the hotel chefs, who not only encouraged them to cook in house, but also to source seasonal produce from local growers. Her efforts were overwhelming applauded by our staff and our conference attendees.

Wendy Symonds

The Australian Centre for Event Management, UTS

Rob Harris

The Australian Centre for Event Management, UTS


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