About dandelions

The humble dandelion flowers every month and every year throughout the world. This hardy plant is known for its healing properties, its nutritional value and the extraordinary ability of its taproots to continuously improve the quality of the soil. The dandelion propagates by releasing its seeds into the environment, so too, The Alison Principle aspires to spread and release seeds of sustainable wisdom, ideas and advice to benefit our own species and planet.

What we do

Director, Alison Drover, is independently recognised for her food consulting knowledge, exceptional menus and styling. She has an industry reputation in the area of food responsibility and is an active ambassador for food. The Alison Principle is a company with skills and expertise in food, health, sustainability, marketing, public relations, design, events, entertainment, catering and community relations.

We work with business leaders, marketers, sustainability managers, human resources managers, government, business owners, restaurants, chefs, schools, universities, hospitals, designers, product manufacturers, landscape architects, public relations companies, event managers, green groups, multi-nationals and the broader community.

Sustainable food consulting

Sustainable event design

Corporate and responsible events and marketing

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Community and Corporate Gardens

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Case studies

  • Case Study

    Breakfast On The Bridge, Events NSW Crave Festival, October 2009

    The location – Sydney Harbour Bridge. The occasion – Breakfast on the Bridge, a celebration of Sydney's great outdoors, it's community spirit and its iconic Bridge. Over 10,000 square metres of lush, green grass replaced bitumen. Six thousand people enjoyed the opportunity to picnic, connect and converse. It was a surreal sight to behold – a patchwork of individually created picnics and award-winning regional produce nesting in a pocket of calm. The music of birds, the milking of cows, the hum of excited people and the presence of farmers and producers dominated one of Sydney's busiest thoroughfares replacing thick, noisy traffic with the peaceful ambience of satisfied picnic goers.

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